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About Registered Electronic Mail (KEP)

Registered Electronic Mail (KEP) : It is defined as qualified form of electronic mails providing legal evidence relating to the use of electronic mails , including sending and delivery.

Pursuant to the importance of the matter and the increase in notifications made by the related KEP method recently, it is also required to provide information separately.

As is known, it is enabled to perform in paperless environment with the "Electronic Notification Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 19.01.2013 numbered 28533. The Ministry of Customs and Trade has accomplished the KEP Integration for mailings indicated in the Notification Law numbered 7201  and most of notifications are now communicated to the taxpayers through KEP.

In accordance with the Electronic Notification Regulation, It is compulsory to notify electronically to the Incorporated, Limited and commandite Companies of which capital is divided into shares. Natural and other Legal entities may benefit optionally from electronic notice.  In addition, It is compulsory for the addressees who are obliged to notify their address only for transactions to be executed via electronic ways in care of competent authorities. Moreover, incase that the notification may not be made for a compulsory reason to the taxpayers, It is indicated that the notification may be executed according to the procedures indicated in the Law..

Electronic Notification is considered that it is summoned on the date read, however, if the notification sent electronically is not read, it is considered to have been summoned at the end of the fifth day of following the date of receipt of electronic notification.

Most of notifications made by the Ministry of Customs and Trade and Ministry of Economy within the scope of the foreign trade are temporary notification with the public institutions and organizations, especially within the scope of the foreign trade. Therefore, it is important for the companies to check the KEP address on a daily basis  for making possible temporary notifications, the discounted payment legally entitled, application for reconciliation, appeal, litigation etc.  Otherwise, these possible legal rights  may be lost as well as there is a risk of encountering the payment order, distrain etc.

It is submitted to your kind attention and information.